Citizen information on collection of old electronics and batteries

Old batteries, accumulators and domestic appliances contain health and nature threatening materials. Inappropriate disposal of old equipment or batteries allows the harmful materials to spread in environment. Heavy metals (like mercury (Hg), cadmium (Cd) and lead (Pb)), acids, grease, and hazardous materials evaporate or soak into soil and water, and then access human body together with air or food thus causing various disorders, serious illnesses, malformations or psychological disorders.

Old appliances, batteries and accumulators labelled with the special symbol of strike through container cannot be disposed of together with domestic waste. They must be collected separately; hazardous content of them must be rendered innocuous and useful materials must be recycled. This is how we get raw materials that can be further used for manufacturing new appliances or things thus sparing natural resources and protecting environment.

Be responsible: bring all dead appliances (computers, players, etc.), empty batteries and accumulators to the EPA collection points. You can leave the waste in electric appliances, batteries and accumulators sales points for free.

For free collection of large electronics please call: 869 555 111

For the list of battery and electronics collection points please visit: www.epa.lt